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Somebody Else's Light

I had to go out early for my morning 3-miler today. I was out well before sunrise. Since it was still dark, I took along my little battery-powered headlight. Unfortunately, the battery was dead. Fortunately, the skies were very clear and I had about a 1/3 moon to light my path.

If you don't go out before daylight, you won't realize how much light the moon puts out, even when it is "small". There was plenty of light for me to see my path. There was even enough light to see distinct shadows. It was a little dark under trees, but God's light was sufficient for my path on my journey.

Our trail runs beside a busy road, about 15 feet off to the side. You know, there are a lot of people out driving between 5:30 and 6:00 in the morning!

I noticed something this morning. I have seen it before, but never really thought about it.

When a car comes up behind me, it lights the path ahead of me so I can see further in the direction that I am headed.

On the other hand, when a car comes up facing me, their lights blind me to my path and I am left to trust what I have already been shown.

This morning, I was completely dependent on somebody else's light. God's light was all that I needed for my journey. BUT... if anyone else's light was going to be a help to me, they had to be going the same direction that I was going.
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